Succubus Sigils


Magistra Xia draws her inspiration from cave petroglyphs to construct her sigils. Each sigil is crafted spontaneously. The sigils are channeled and belong to what Xia refers as “Those Without Body”. She sees her art as messages of healing, inspiration, protection and wisdom to those who seek it. By owning one of her Sigils you are taking on a living piece of energy from the otherworld. If you accept it’s programming what you need will come to fruition. Treat the sacred Sigil with love and respect and like a plant it will bloom. These are considered heirloom pieces so if you pass the art on as a family keepsake the energy will develop and grow for whoever owns it.

Darkest Regards – L.E. Xiafor


  1. Blood Mother – Fertility & Protection of Women Sigil. Will awaken feminine power $35
  2. Astral Being – Ponder on this Sigil 5 minutes before bed. This sigil will bring an Astral Teacher to you. $35
  3. Sigil of Progress – Meditate on this Sigil when you need to be taking the next step to reach your goal $35
  4. Divine Masculine Sigil – Hang in your space to bring strong grounded masculine energy. This sigil will offer you protection.
  5. Heart of the Vampire – True love reaches its tendrils out to us in all its forms. Hang in your space to promote love and peace. $35
  6. Alien Sigil – Hang in your space to promote connection to higher beings. $35
  7. Cosmos Sigil – This Sigil brings the owner closer to unknown truths. Meditate on it before bed. $35
  8. Glamour Sigil – Enhances Inner & Outer Beauty to the owner. Helps one Unlock hidden beauty potential $35
  9. Otherworlds Sigil – Will assist in connection to higher planes of existence. Meditate on Sigil. $35
  10. Astral Travel Sigil – Hang in your sleeping space to encourage Astral Travel & Dream work $35
  11. Vampire Queen – She is powerful, eternal, beautiful, and terrifying. If you dare buy this piece be wary of the beast inside. $35
  12. Sacred Self Sigil – hang this to bring clarity concerning your own self-care. This sigil will help you to get to know your true Self. $35
  13. Primal Sigil – Explore your primality in the dream state. Meditate on it 5 mins before bed. $35
  14. Vampire Child Sigil – A sigil programmed to protect and guide a gifted child. Hang in the childs room. $35
  15. Blood Mother – Large Canvas – Fertility & Protection of Women Sigil. Will awaken feminine power $100

Payment options

CashApp: $MagistraXia

Venmo: @Christina-Hegdal

Contact information

Instagram: XiaMagistra

FaceBook: L.E. Xiafor