Order of Omnia

The duty of nature is that of the Vampyre for we are sucked of our lifeforce in our last breathe and we are infused in our very first breathe.
A network of evolved minds collaborating through art and ideas for expansion of ritual technology.  Defining new format for advanced ritual practice. Guild of the Energy Alchemist does not adhere to any belief systems right hand path applications. We are founded under the ideals that results trumps all thoughts with science at the forefront of energy exploration.
We see this as a real life work of arts that requires serious work and no illusion of grandeur. When gatherings are held we do not glorify those who are leading certain projects, as everyone who contributes holds the same value. At the same time we expect all participants to operate at the highest level of respect and decorum.
Please see our list of operations to understand what all members expect to see at an inner interior gathering.
Spiral of Ether
A selected few who have demonstrated exponentially the potential to shift and alter reality within ritual format. Evolved leaders whose specialities enhance the direction and evolution of the whole. These individuals  offer lectures, teachings, literature and advanced ritual format to propel the Guild forward.
Luminary Excelsior Xia and Luminary Admonisher Irhandi are the public faces that offer wisdom and experience to help members of the Guild to extend their experience and understanding.

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